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Caminar: ¡Nuevo PV!

Acabo de estrenar el PV de Caminar, con el fabuloso arte de Pimienta Kast. Échale un vistazo:

Turn The Page (feat. Hatsune Miku): Mi entrada para MikuExpo 2018 Original Song Contest

Los invito a escuchar mi nueva canción para el concurso de Mikuexpo 2018, en la cual usé a Hatsune Miku, con letra de mi amiga GeeGee y la interpretación musical de algunos amigos ¡Esta vez es rock!. Escuchar en Soundcloud.

Música, Producción, Mix+Mastering: darkbluecat (Caja-P)
Letra: GeeGee
Voz: Hatsune Miku
Guitarra: Cristobal Villavicencio
Bajo: z411
Grabaciones: MINTi
vsqx: nostraightanswer (Kenji-B)
Ilustración: Pimienta Kast
I wake up to the same old bed
The same old smell, the same old memories
I wonder, will it last much more?
A few moments, or a hundred centuries

They say life must go on
But I'm stuck in my tracks
What detains me are these feelings that I just can't pry out

As if written in headstone
The thought of you won’t leave me alone
No matter what I do, I must tell you the truth
Without you I’m singing the blues

Life by my own is just not as easy
Seems like my heart could never be filled
There’ll be no more romances, I ran out of chances
But I still wanna try

Like walking through fire, goodbyes burning me down
Wish I could break free from the jail I am in now
Can’t figure it out, there must be a way, somehow
Seems that what’s left is

Just turn the page

Life goes on, that’s what they all say
But they don’t tell you you’ll never be the same
You can try, you can scream and cry
But all those pages just won’t be turning back

May adversities come
Gotta advance on your own
And whatever drags you down must be left out on the road

I wonder, will we meet again?
If it’s so, then I wonder when
Will we both be grown up or the same as before?
Will we be thirty or ninety-four?

Just staying by my own was for the best
Another page is yet to be read
With every step I take, the less and less I ache
There’ll be more chances to love

Walking all alone isn’t so bad after all
I’ll work up to be the best that I can become
If you ever wonder how I passed by this storm
All I ever did was

Just turn the page

En memoria de mi voz femenina de rock favorita, Dolores O'Riordan quien fue una gran inspiración para mi y esta obra. Q.E.P.D.